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Belkin Extender Setup

In this technological era, we all would have a flawless WiFi access no matter where we are in our home or office. But the reality is that thick concrete walls, metal objects, reflexive surfaces and related obstacles cause weak signal strength. However, there is no need to worry. Belkin setup extender increases the reach of your current wireless network to a great extent, creating a secondary network for unreachable places. If you find any difficulty while setting up Belkin extender, get in touch with our technical team at toll-free 1-844-991-0441.

Get to know Belkin Range Extender

Prior to Belkin N300 range extender setup, you should know about each and every part of your dual-band extender. It incorporates two main panels: Front panel and back panel.

  1. Front Panel

The facade of the range extender is known as front panel which contains a status light and WPS button and light.
The status of Belkin range extender is indicated by the front light.

  • Off: The range extender is not turned on.
  • Solid Blue: The extender is connected to wireless network.
  • Solid Amber: Though there is a connection between WiFi network and range extender, it is a weak signal.
  • Alternating Amber/Blue: Belkin range extender is ready to be set up.

Along with that, the WPS button and light is also present on the front panel. The WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) button is meant for setting up a secure connection between WPS-enabled WiFi devices and range extender. On the other hand, the WPS light indicates what is happening while using WiFi Protected Setup for Belkin wireless extender setup.

  1. Back Panel

The back panel of range extender contains a wired (LAN) connector and reset button. Using this connector, all AV devices like a Blu-ray player, TV, gaming console and other wired devices can easily be connected using an Ethernet cable. Apart from this, the reset button is used to reset Belkin range extender if it is not functioning properly.

A standard guide for Belkin Range Extender Setup

Belkin N300 WiFi range extender setup can be completed in two manners: wired setup and using a wireless connection.

Method 1: Wired Setup

In case you want to use a wired connection to setup Belkin range extender, use an Ethernet cable. Make sure it doesn't have cuts or other damages. If it is all good, you are all set to start the Belkin range extender setup process.

Installation and configuration of extender is pretty simple. All you have to do is just insert an end of the cable into extender and another one to router. Switch on your computer or laptop and connect it to a wireless network.

Once done, pull up an internet browser and go to www.belkin.range web-based page. Use a valid username and password to proceed further. Click on get started button and find the network you want to extend. After that, type the password and walk through the steps given on the screen.

belkin extender setup

And there you are! You have completed the Belkin extender setup process without any issue. In the case of any technical issue, call us at our toll-free number 1-844-991-0441.

Method-2: Wireless Setup

belkin extender setup

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of messy wires, go with the wireless setup method. To setup Belkin range extender wirelessly, press the WPS button on your extender. This will make a connection between the range extender and network. You can use the WPS Personal Identification Number (PIN) for Belkin extender setup.

This number can be found at the back or bottom side of your router. However, it varies depending upon the manufacturer and model number of your device. You can also take help from our highly-experienced technicians at toll-free 1-844-991-0441 and know your WPS PIN number.

Once found, load a web browser of your choice on computer or laptop. Go to www.belkin.range web address. Enter the WPS PIN in the provided box and complete the extender configuration process.

In this way, your Belkin range extender setup has been completed. For any technical help during the process, feel free to contact our experts at 1-844-991-0441.

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