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Who We Are

Belkin-us, a market leader in Remote/Online Router/Extender Tech Support for home users and small businesses having solved more than 1 million router/extender problems and after providing support to more than 200 thousand customers worldwide, Net Extender is emerging as a comprehensive technical support company. Belkin-us provides Remote/Online tech support in all major English speaking countries.

Belkin-us guarantees its customers a great peace of mind. No matter what the issue is or what time of day the issue is, Belkin-us is always be there to help its customers.

Belkin-us is quick, precise, vigilant and flexible online technical service providers. This is what we are and 24×7 available to solve any issues of Extenders.

Putting Excellence & Experience Together

Building strong customer’s reliance sometime takes many years but when a company puts experience and excellence together and everything is on its place then company can have customer’s trust building up within few days. Belkin-us employs a network of certified Technicians from Microsoft and Cisco. All our technicians have more than 5 years of technical support experience and they have worked with fortune 50 companies like Dell, IBM & HP. We try to do the best in every way from receiving your calls to fixing your computer. Our core management team has an experience of almost 15 years in customer service. Our experts’ team always ensures that everything is in the right place and our customers are satisfied.

Customer Friendly Support

Customer service is the key for any customer support business. Our 24/7 in house call centers are committed towards best customer service. Deal well, treat well & be best, that’s what we believe in. Whether it is email support, live chat support or phone support the reception is always friendly. Belkin-us provides customer support over the phone, email and chat in more than 8 countries.


Belkin-us always takes commitment as passion for world class Router/Extender technical support and tries to improve its services every day. To fulfill its commitment Belkin-us only hires technical engineers with at least 5 years of service experience. Routerlogin.ca gets smarter with every customer interaction and always keeps working on finding the most cost efficient and fastest solution for its customers.

Special Thanks

We would like to use this section to thank those who always have been source of inspiration and have always helped us to out with difficult hardware problems. We would also like to thanks all these forums which provides excellent information and without them providing technical support to our customers would be almost impossible.


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Disclaimer: Belkin-us is an independent service provider. Any use of Trademarks, Brands, Images of Products and Services is referential and Belkin-us has no affiliation with any of company unless such relationship is expressly specified. The services we offer may also be available on the brand owners websites and are the properties of their respective owners.

About Belkin-us

Belkin-us is one of the leading companies that offer online computer support services.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide our customers with advanced online tech support services within the affordable price. We understand the fact better than anyone that our lives completely depend on the computers and when they start giving trouble, the level of the frustration that people possess is acceptable. That’s the reason why we are here. We make sure that every computer problem is resolved completely and effectively.

Why Us?

There are many companies which are offering the online computer support services, but they are unable to satisfy their customers and in the end, clients bear huge loss of time and money. But, we are here to provide you the world-class services, anytime you need. We have a team of Microsoft Certified Technical Engineers and have customized all our services based upon the customers need.

We offer the best computer support services online or by email. We love to accept the challenges and our main challenge is to provide our clients 100% satisfaction computer support. We are working 24x7 to provide you excellent technical support round the clock.

Our training support staff stands ready to help you and answer any questions you may have pertaining to your newly purchased product or software.

Our products and services are delivered to your front door. No more waiting at the checkout stand. No more driving in bad weather to make a purchase

Our technical staff knows all of the hardware products we carry and they can solve most problems with a simple telephone call.

Our entire business operation is dedicated to providing the customized service to people with and be best at it.

  • Team of Dedicated Professionals
  • Reliable Services
  • Result Oriented Online technical support services

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